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ON-Line Project Management Tool

We not only realize how important your project is to you, but also how important your time is,which is why we offer complete solution from planning to completion.

Powerful on-line project management database which serves as the centerpiece of each IN-STALL project

  • Order generation/processing
  • Operation management
  • Order tracking/reporting
  • Invoicing
  • Project status
  • Service and invoice histories

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Swift and coherent communication with students on a campus using traditional media is an almost impossible task. For this reason Digital Signage already proved to be the tool of choice in many schools and university campuses worldwide.

  • CAMPUS TV: display content relative to campus life: upcoming events, school news, bulletin board, announcements, sports scores.
  • Classroom management. Yyou can create and display all information relative to classrooms in real time to keep students informed on any program or venue changes
  • EMERGENCY and EVACUATION messages, using digital signage to launch fire alerts or any other type of urgent message to immediately overrule a current